Panera Bread Sandwich Showdown

This multi-platform DEE was chosen for inclusion in the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Digital Road Show. Players register to construct their own sandwich digitally by dragging bread, meat, cheese, etc. onto their plate. Then they give a short description of why they created their particular sandwich before submitting.


Amish Mafia’s Cow Patty Bingo.

Discovery Network’s new reality show Amish Mafia has attracted a significant viewing share. To engage viewers on the program’s web site, Tri-Media built a virtual game that mimics a true rural Pennsylvania Amish game known as Cow Patty Bingo. No need to go into detail about how the game is played...


Inside the Gangster’s Code Name Generator.

Inside the Gangster’s Code is a hit show in the UK featuring ex-mafia top earner Lou Ferrante. Inside the Gangster’s Code showcases Ferrante’s insider knowledge as he takes a camera crew inside some of the world’s most dangerous prisons to interview prisoners and guards alike.

Shark Week Photo Frenzy.

Tri-Media was challenged to create an online "share" platform to deepen fan engagement with Discovery Channel's annual Shark Week. The result was the Shark Week Photo Frenzy interactive website. 


Snyder's of Hanover Sourdough

Snyder’s of Hanover is the #1 US pretzel brand with almost a 40 share nationally. Tri-Media’s advertising campaign for this iconic brand reinforces the premium image of the product line by owning the word “Sourdough.” 


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