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Albert Iannantuono

Albert started Tri-Media in 1986 because he had a passion for marketing and helping people. At the time, Albert didn’t yet know that he would be building an organization that would expand globally, spend multiple years on the list of Canada’s fastest-growing companies, and become a pioneer in the world of digital marketing. He loves working with great people, striving to form creative marketing strategies that help them drive their businesses forward. Tri-Media was founded on his personal values of integrity, innovation, and forming strong relationships, and he is excited for the next generation of Tri-Media to continue bringing these values forward.

Kishore Balaraman

Kishore joined Tri-Media 3 years ago after forming strong personal connections with our team members while working on several projects together. He knew he wanted to be a part of the great team culture that Albert had created. Working with us, Kishore has developed both technically and creatively, building on his successes and learning from his mistakes to continuously be searching for ways to help our clients succeed. Kishore is always looking towards the future, for better ways to create and deliver amazing marketing programs for Tri-Media clients.

Dakota LaMarre

When Dakota first approached Albert about writing a book together, it quickly became apparent that their values and skill sets were aligned. He loves writing marketing and advertising copy because every client and project poses a new and challenging way to both write and deliver a great story. Working with digital marketers who take their craft as seriously as he takes his own opens tons of possibilities when creating marketing initiatives that help our clients stand out against their competitors. Dakota is excited to be working with Tri-Media, and for the successes and growth that he will share with the team and their clients as they look towards the future.